Local Area Info

The ridge that runs due westwards from a point near Pretoria to the Rustenburg area 120km away is by no definition a major range of hills (it rises a modest 300m above the surrounding, rather flattish countryside), but it has a special charm of its own. Beneath the hills the land lies at a lower altitude than that of the classic Highveld to the east and the climate is kind. The rains generally good and the air in the parklike valleys of the Hex, Sterkstroom and Magalies rivers limpid and warm, even on winter days. The warmth and water sustain the region’s marvelously rich harvests of subtropical fruits, peaches, oranges, tobacco, vegetables and flowers.

The Dam covers a vast area, somewhat 60km around the edge of the water. There are many Resorts, Estates & Complexes situated all around the dam with new Estates planned. A PARADISE LOST – OR GAINED? – S.A’S REVEIRA. Nestled in the Magaliesberg Mountains, the oldest mountain range in the World, is Hartbeespoort Dam. It was initially only enjoyed by day-trippers and on weekends. Today it has become hub of activity with dozens of high priced developments, which are set to turn a small community into a high-class town. EVERYONE IS CRAVING FOR A PIECE OF PARADISE!. With the PWV9 highway’s planned completion being end of 2006, Hartbeespoort to Sandton guaranteed to be a mere 15-minute away – Hartbeespoort is geared to become the primary home to many.